Комфортный отдых на плантации голубики в Белоруссии

agrohotel in blueberry


glamorous camping - is a growing global trend that combines camping with the luxury and amenities of a home or hotel. Glamping allows travelers to experience nature without the hassle of finding camp space, carrying their tents, and erecting and taking down their own tents. Lodgings at a glamping sites include structures such as yurts, tipis, pods, bell tents, safari tents, tent cabins, and tree houses. Sites offer amenities such as fresh bed linens, en suite washrooms, food service, private verandas, and, most importantly, direct access to the great outdoors.


  • There is the house of straw in your disposal for just EUR 75 a day.


This holiday is an exciting hobby people of Europe and America. Megapolis is so draining health resources, the need for an agriturismo (country life) is essential to restoring health and prevention of severe, chronic diseases and health policies in the big cities. With us you can combine business with pleasure: to relax, improve health and even make money by collecting berries! 


  • Come visit us in July-August in Strelovo for blueberry self harvesting. Take all it home for just 4 EUR per kg!


Planted blueberry is hardly known in Russia. Many people confuse it with forest blueberries and remember little delicious berries in the swamps. Yes - to taste planted blueberry is still the same, but the berries the size of a strawberry! It is juicy, not sour and not cloying. There can be kilos and not be satisfied. However, no effects, as after most of the berries - the mouth and the teeth are white and easy chair! Blueberries improves the response, vision, memory, and extends your life!


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