Комфортный отдых на плантации голубики в Белоруссии




Nearly every resident of the modern metropolis over 30 years old suffer from dysbiosis - washing microflora. Our daily food can hardly be called natural. And, unfortunately, there's no getting around it. Blueberries help restore intestinal flora for a few weeks, and thanks to the high antiaksidantnym properties of berries, then maintain your good digestion for months! 



Fresh blueberries increase gastric secretion and digestive power of the gastric juice. Recommended for gastritis, enterocolitis, pyelitis. Blueberries well remove allergy caused by the use of various drugs. As an excellent antioxidant that increases the speed of impulses between neurons, blueberries improve the response, memory and vision.



It is known that when the eyes get tired, need a break, it will require some time, and for the people, always busy and have no time to rest, blueberry extract - this is the best way to reduce eyestrain. Blueberries protect the body from the damaging effects of free radicals and the chronic diseases associated with the aging process. To know more about the berry


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