Комфортный отдых на плантации голубики в Белоруссии


Live on blueberry plantation, eat blueberry honey and berries from a bush you can only here!


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Have you ever seen a blueberry bush height of 2 meters, and know how to plant cranberries? We invite you to visit our berry plantation near the town of Baranovichi (Belarus). With us you can actually see how to plant such beautiful garden berries like blueberries, cranberries and lingonberries and taste a variety of our eco-friendly berries straight from the bush! Our plantation time fly, because you will find a lot of new and exciting: the secrets of gardening, new flavors, fragrance of pine forests surrounding our plantation, unforgettable views, and most importantly - a sense of direct immersion in the beautiful nature. You will be able to collect for themselves the best and freshest berries, and what could be better than to spend a weekend with your family or significant other, blissfully happy in the shade of tall and beautiful blueberry bushes and eating incredibly delicious juicy berries. Around the plantation forest growing where you can collect mushrooms, and then to dry them in the shade of the hot southern sun or on the stove.
A honey collected from the flowers of blueberries? We assure you that you could not even try anywhere else. It is only us who produce blueberry's honey


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